Welcome to Happy Days, a Stay-In facility for the 65+.

In Indian culture and tradition, family, more often than not, meant a joint family and the idea of shifting away from home was embarrassing both for the parents and children. The concept of Happy Days can be viewed with this background. Happy Days aims to provide complete peace of mind for both parents and children with a concept of Stay-In, already prevalent in the west but new to India. If one looks at the media today, there are a lot of builders and developers who have started promoting Senior Homes. See links below:

(Retire, without    hurt-The Hindu dated June 29th 2013).
(Are retirement homes for you? All you need to know before deciding- Economic Times dated July 8th 2013).

The recent murder of an aged lady living independently in a high end apartment block in a good neighbourhood raises the question “Are we secure enough?” That the building had security camera’s and other high end security devices could not prevent the murder. This may bring into highlight the necessity of community living, sharing your living spaces with likeminded people in the silver years to ensure a peaceful life.

The Happy Days concept is for financially independent / supported by family who belong to higher income groups who prefer to live with a community and make friends. It is a long-time retirement plan even when they lose their ability to care for themselves.

  • RETIREMENT from HOUSEWORK-cooking/washing.
  • Free to do community work-Just Relax-have hobbies-explore your skills.
  • A retirement solution for life for discerning retirees.
  • Keep the body and mind active by living a full life.
  • Emergency assistance will be provided by the chosen hospitals.