1.What is UNIQUE about Happy Days?
The Happy Days concept is different from other Senior Citizens Products available in the market today.
a) Happy Days means living in a HOMELY atmosphere with only 3 or 4 Couples in a building or /Apartment, not a large a large community of elders !
HAPPY DAYS IS A N. P. O. ( Non Profit organisation ) What we collect is just sufficient to cover the services offered.
b) Unlike the products available in the market today, you do not have to invest Rs. 30/40 lakhs for a 2 bed room apartment located away from city center and pay monthly maintenance and Municipal taxes for TWO persons stay !
We take a Deposit depending on the Category you select and TWO months expenses as advance.
c ) Recent studies show that persons around the age of 65 years continue to lead a healthy life for another 10/15 years, if they avoid spending time only watching TV serials and being confined to their homes. At that age they miss meeting their friends due to change of residence, Family problems, Grand Children busy with their higher Studies and  besides this their own health problems reduce their movement . These will affect their mental and physical health and also SECURITY. Please see the various press reports and articles in our Media & News section which will confirm our views.

2. Why do you have 3 categories of Accommodation?
Our main expense is the Rent payable for a good location . We have enquiries from Large Bungalows and Delux Flats in good localities and therefore cannot offer ONE RATE for all accomodation. What we normally rent will be mostly affordable Classic range.

3. Can people below 65 join?

Yes, we can consider people below the age of 65 on a case by case basis. If they offer to share their accommodation with Happy Days clients preference may be given to them.

4. Do you take only couples or individuals too?
We consider these individuals or couples on a case by case basis. If they offer to share their accommodation with Happy Days clients preference may be given to them.

5. How much should I pay to join Happy Days?
You have to keep a deposit of 5 Lakhs for accommodation and maintenance which will be kept for 3 years initially.
The monthly charges will include rent and living expenses for food and twice lunch in restaurants or hotels in a month. Use of a car for 30 hours 300km in a month per couple. If you use extra mileage/hours, additional charges will be applicable.

6. Will I get rent for leasing out my accommodation to Happy Days?
You will get reasonable rent which can be adjusted against your living expenses. The municipal taxes and maintenance has to be borne by you.

7. Can I keep my existing housekeeping staff?
You can keep the staff but they are employed by Happy Days and will be trained in housekeeping/cooking etc.

8. Can I go on holidays?
We will be arranging two domestic tours; one religious and one to visit historical and holiday resorts as well as a yearly foreign travel in which your relations and friends can also participate. The costs of these travels are NOT included in the monthly charges.

9. If I am visiting my children abroad for two to three months, do I get any concession?
Since we have staff on a permanent basis, the only saving will be on the actual food cost component, which is not much to consider any reduction.